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The CRC 1512 has 18 research projects in three areas:

Area A: Participating – Parting

A01 Participation and Dissociation: Frictions in 20th Century and Contemporary Political Theatre

A02 Shared Protocols: Assembly in Contemporary Art

A03 Post-autonomous Artistic Interventions in Brazil and Argentina

A04 Musical Polyphony as Experimental Sociality

A05 Counterpublic Spheres? On the Sociopolitical Positioning of Intervening Arts in the Post-ideological Era

A06 Artistic Life Practice as Intervention

Area B: Moving – Disrupting

B01 Improvisation as a Paradigm of Artistic Interventions

B02 Interventional Choreographies: Formats and Practices of Decolonization and Ecology

B03 Expectations of the Impact of Artistic Intervention: An Enquiry into Self-Understanding, Practices, and Receptions

B04 Appropriating – Remixing – Sharing: How Internet Memes Intervene

B05 Acoustic Disruptions: Postcolonial and Queer Potentialities of Sonic Interventions

B06 Architectural Interventions in the Space Between Digital Technology, Processuality, and Improvisation

Area C: Drafting – Discarding

C01 Interventionist Writing: From the Proletarian-Revolutionary Literature of the Weimar Republic through to the Literature of the GDR and West Germany

C02 Futurity as Intervention - Ethnographies of Future-Making Exhibition Practices as Artistic Interventions

C03 Artistic Conceptions and Intervening Practices of Cooperation of Avant-Garde movements and Contemporary Art in Central/Eastern Europe

C04 Between Opening and Closing: Political Movements and Artistic Intervention

C05 Intervening World Projections: Audiovisuality of Climate Change

C06 History as Material? Artistic Historicizing as an Interventionist Practice

There is also a laboratory area with the research projects Public Spheres and Reflection as well as the central administration project (Z).