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B05 Acoustic Disruptions: Postcolonial and Queer Potentialities of Sonic Interventions

This research project examines shows, performances, installations, audio walks, sound art, and other artistic forms which mobilize, disrupt, and question socio-political settings and norms through the utilization of tangible acoustic configurations, with a special focus on projects that create space for postcolonial and queer perspectives.

Anchored in the field of performance studies, this research project approaches concepts of “intervention” from two angles. First, we understand interventions as an incursion into existing phenomenological regimes that occur when artistic works create space for acoustic-auditory realms, thus disrupting hegemonic structures and/or perceptive norms. Second, we aim to expand the concept of “intervention” itself and its common definition, as we are strongly interested in “unspectacular” practices that utilize forms such as the unexpected reduction or withdrawal of the audible, as well as silence and quietness, among other elements.

Divided into three subprojects, this research project aims to work on and around the concept of acoustic disruption (SP 1), to explore the poetics of sonic interventions (SP 2) and to examine potentials of digital (audio) archives (SP 3).

Head of Project

Prof. Dr. Doris Kolesch (SP 1)

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Layla Zami (SP 2)

Doctoral Researcher

Emma Lo (SP 3)

Student Assistant

Konstantin Lück