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A03 Post-autonomous Artistic Interventions in Brazil and Argentina

This research project examines interventions in artistic practices (literature, graffiti, theatre) in Brazil and Argentina since the 1920s. As the term intervention is also associated with the actions taken by military dictatorships in Latin America, the project aims to re-situate the term “intervention” in a postcolonial context.

The research project is divided into three project units: Subproject (SP) 2 examines the practices of graffiti in Brazil’s public sphere. SP 3 takes an intersectional approach to female writing as modes of artistic intervention in Latin America. SP 1 situates these perspectives within a wider historical context.

Head of Project

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mariana Maia Simoni (SP 1)

Prof. Dr. Susanne Zepp-Zwirner (SP 1)

Doctoral Researcher

Maëlle Karl (SP 2)

Kaimé Valencia Guerrero  (SP 3)

Student Assistant

Janaina Magalhães Pessoa