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B01 Improvisation as a Paradigm of Artistic Interventions

How can we best understand how artistic interventions set human practices in motion within historical-cultural contexts? How do artistic practices interrupt and affect other practices? To what extent are artistic interventions connected with everyday practices as an interplay of both discontinuity and continuity? This research project aims to investigate these fundamental questions from the perspective of the philosophy of art, focusing on improvisation as a paradigm of artistic practice. It is divided into two subprojects: SP 1 is dedicated to interventions that are realized in and through improvisation in different everyday artistic contexts (impromptu acting, Gebrauchsmusik, jazz). SP 2 develops a concept of action shaped by interventions, and thus aims to shed light on the connection between interventions and the reactions to them. A concept of action that takes artistic interventions and the actions they affect seriously must be freed from the question of attribution to a single subject and from the structure of temporal closure in order to understand acting as an open process.

Head of Project

Prof. Dr. Georg Bertram (SP 1)

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Eva Backhaus (SP 2)

Doctoral Researcher

Lilja Walliser

Student Assistant

Emelie Kucharzik