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The artistic documentation of the laboratory formats of the CRC plays a major role in the exchange between humanities and arts. It supports the reflection of the contributors and transports the collective content to a public, that was not personally present at the event. In this way, it maps practices, methods, work processes, and results and makes them available in a sustainable manner. At the same time, due to its artistic character, the documentation takes part as an independent communicator in the exchange between humanities, arts and the public spheres and continues the laboratory format.

Graphic Recording of the Future Lab | NFT – Values of Digital Arts (in English).

Audio Recording (external link to mixcloud) of the Future Lab | Quiet (as) Intervention: Sonic Subtlety and Black Feminist Possibility (in English).

Artistic documentation of the Intervention Space | Marina Naprushkina und die Neue Nachbarschaft (in English and German).

Report and graphic recording of the Forum: The Present | Crushing the Canon*? Interventionen im Staatsballett (in German).

Photo galleries and short reports of three Asja-Lācis-Workshops (in German).