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Laboratory Area

The laboratory area allows the CRC to foster and promote dialogue, collaborative knowledge production, and for insights to be shared openly between the sciences, the arts, and various public spheres. This process is energized by the multifaceted art scenes in Berlin and abroad, the researchers involved in the CRC, and various public spheres interested in the intersections of art, politics, and society. The collaboration, which will take place partly in open spaces and partly in protected ones, will develop within the framework of three innovative laboratory formats. All research projects are invited to shape these formats in collaboration with the two research projects Public Spheres and Reflection. The laboratory format allows participants to engage in individual activities beyond the traditional academic setting, enabling them to come together and address actors and interested parties both inside and outside of the university:

Intervention Space Art and Academia

Forum: The Present

Future Lab

 In addition to the laboratory formats, two event series have been developed:

agrupa was launched by the research project A02 in collaboration with other CRC members. agrupa gathers different lab formats that are oriented towards the subjects and questions of the research project.

Beziehungsweisen und Umgebungswissen is a workshop series that has primarily been carried out by the research project A06. Three workshops on Asja Lācis at the Brecht-Haus were based on the work of SP 2 by Mimmi Woisnitza in collaboration with the artist Konstanze Schmitt.

An important part of the collaborations in the laboratory area is the artistic documentation of the events.