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Podcast Sonic Interventions: Staffel 4

Podcast "Sonic Interventions" feat. 100Lesb.com

Podcast "Sonic Interventions" feat. 100Lesb.com
Image Credit: Paulina Czarnecka

News from May 16, 2024

Our Sonic Interventions podcast is launching a new season for Queer History Month. Season 4 takes listeners to Poland, and is guest-curated by Adriana Raczykowski, former research Assistant in Project A06. She is in conversation with Polish artists, activists and curators who intervene into society through curation, drag performance, visual arts, and podcasting. The first episode of the new season (number 14 overall) features 100Lesb.com, a portrait cycle of 100 Polish lesbians and non-binary people from across Poland. Co-curators Ola Kamińka and Wojtek Zrałek-Kossakowski touch upon reclaiming representation and queer resourcefulness as forms of intervention.

We hope you enjoy listening and stay tuned for the next episodes in English and Polish!

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