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New Mercator-Fellow Moe Satt

Moe Satt

Moe Satt

News from Feb 29, 2024

The CRC welcomes its new Mercator-Fellow Moe Satt.

Moe Satt is an artist and curator from Myanmar. In his performances, he uses his body to explore self, identity, embodiment and political resistance. He uses diverse media, from photography and sculpture to video and sound installations, to address provocative social and political issues in his military-ruled homeland, such as the role of religion and the individual in society. Relevant to his artistic interventions is the work Face and Fingers (2008-09), a series of photographs reminiscent of Buddhist mudras. For months, Satt photographed himself performing ten new gestures every day and then stylized them. The result is a vocabulary of 108 gestures in total, to which he gave names, some of which have clear political connotations. Moe Satt's first solo exhibition Hunting & Dancing: 15 Years is currently on show at Galeria Nova Contemporary in Bangkok, with a new two-channel video work at its center.

A presentation of Satt's work in Berlin is planned for 2024. He is also part of the collaboration with the HKW. His connection to the CRC via a Mercator Fellowship enables a linking of cross-TP contexts in this regard, especially in view of the preparations for the 2024 annual conference, which will work towards a jointly curated form of presentation. The project that Moe Satt is working on during his Mercator Fellowship is entitled: Say Something, Pinky, a further development of his work Face and Fingers.


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