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Methods Workshop: Reconstructing Practices

In collaboration with the research projects A06, B03, and C03, the methods workshop explores how past and present practices can be reconstructed in terms of their materiality and processes, as well as the forms of representation and modes of writing that can vividly portray these practices in their performative nature: How can artistic practices be described and reconstructed in their respective historical contexts? How can their potential to intervene in sociocultural phenomena be understood and specified? The workshop explores historiographic and ethnographic methods from the perspective of art history, literary studies, sociology, and social philosophy.

Practices are in part characterized by their ordering function, serving as patterns and habits of everyday social practices or artistic procedures. They only become recognizable as practices through a stable structure of repetition, yet they also possess a certain openness in their variability and susceptibility to disruption. This inherent openness, often accompanied by critical reflexivity, brings into focus social and artistic practices as forms of disruption and resistance.

Contact person: Anna Kipke (A06).