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Working Group: Form, Formats, Rhythms

This working group examines the ways in which forms and formats prefigure, align, and performatively influence the potential of artistic interventions.  Building on shared discussions of theoretical texts that deal with form/formats and rhythm, the working group will elaborate criteria of Areas B: Moving – Disrupting and C: Drafting – Discarding as well as changes in the definition of terms (such as the shift from “form” to “format”). Historical aspects such as the dynamization and dissolution of concepts of form since the avant-garde, as well as media and institutional factors associated with the shift in frameworks of formats and rhythms in intervening practices, are important for the current and future goals of the working group: they raise questions about the relationship of forms/formats to discourses of diversity and migration.
Artistic and political possibilities will be explored through the work of the research projects and in relation to the main CRC questions, with regard to theory and experimental formats and practices. The effects of these explorations are examined in workshops that accompany the thinking process of the working group.

The contact person for this working group is Kirsten Maar (B02).