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Working Group: Digital Activism

This working group explores how digital media practices explicitly and implicitly intervene in social and political processes. In addition to formats such as hacktivism and activism through hashtag, video, and image campaigns, the group examines everyday practical and artistic strategies that test alternative and subliminal forms of sociopolitical intervention with and within digital media systems. The focus is on the wealth of material offered by the disciplines involved (cultural studies, philosophy, film studies, theater studies, sociology, and media studies), while critically examining their entanglements with platform capitalism and institutionalization. A concept of activism will be developed that is not solely focused on actors, but includes aesthetic and discursive dimensions as well as resonance phenomena and their underlying media conditions and dynamics. Related to this are questions about the methods and structures of digital addressing, collectivization, and mobilization, whose effects and repercussions are discussed both online and offline, in the ideological battlefield between progressive and hegemonic-regressive movements.

The contact persons for this working group are Naomi Boyce (A01) and Florian Schlittgen (B04).