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Marla Heid

Doctoral Researcher A05

Pronouns: she/her

CRC 1512 Intervening Arts
Grunewaldstraße 34
12165 Berlin

Since 2023 doctoral researcher at the CRC Intervening Arts at Freie Universität Berlin

Since 2022 Phd candidate at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Working Titel: Minimum Productions. Contemporary Dematerialization in Public Artworks

2020-2022 Of Public Interest, Post-Master, Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm 

2019-2020 Art and Politics, Master of Arts, Goldsmiths, University of London 

2017-2018 CSC-Scholarship, Department of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing 

2015-2019 Art Theory and Cultural Studies, Bachelor of Arts, Technische Universität, Berlin 

Artistic interventions inpublic space contest the cognitive perception of the artwork and, even more, the changing ideas of public space — its definitions, tasks, uses, designs, and the shifting power structures within. Post-World War II, artists began to mobilize their artistic agency in radical ways as part of a societal challenge of western hegemony, patriarchal and white-dominated models of subjectivity, and entrenched hierarchies. These artistic objections involved the production of concept-based art and the rise of body and performance art. Such movements confused the established concept of the artwork as static, cumulating into a final object containing the intentional meanings of the artist. Identified by Lucy Lippard as a turn towards dematerialization, art was understood to be an idea or gesture rather than an object per se. In public space, such practices are not only testing the concept of art but further the dynamics between the artwork, its temporary public, and the site. How can these artistic strategies mobilize and demand different kinds of public engagement and deliver the artwork's social and political potentials for agency in our common spheres?

Collaborative World Building. Socially Engaged Art and Art Education.
Lecture & Discussion: Contextualizing Controversy

Organized by the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Teachers College at Columbia University, New York and the Visual Studies Program at Montclair State University, New Jersey.